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Climacus - The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Climacus - The Ladder of Divine Ascent

Visiting an Orthodox Church

Question: Is there anything I should know before visiting an Orthodox Christian church?

Answer: Please read Frederica Mathews-Green's: 12 Things I Wish I’d Known… First Visit to an Orthodox Church.

Orthodox worship is different! Some of these differences are apparent, if perplexing, from the first moment you walk in a church. Others become noticeable only over time. Here is some information that may help you feel more at home in Orthodox worship—twelve things I wish I’d known before my first visit to an Orthodox church. Read entire article, click HERE.

The Orthodox Christian Faith

Question: What do Orthodox Christians Believe?

Answer: The clearest and most concise explanation of the Orthodox faith can be found in the ancient Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, formally drawn up at the first ecumenical council in Nicea (325) and at the second ecumenical council in Constantinople (381). Please read the Creed on our About Us page.

Also, in addition to many informative websites that can be found on our Links page, our sister parish, Holy Transfiguration Antiochian Orthodox Church in Warrenville, Illinois, offers a brief and clear outline to understanding the Orthodox Christian faith. Click HERE to read the Holy Transfiguration parish starting points for understanding Orthodox Christianty.