All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church

Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS)

Mary and Child

Mary and Child
by the hand of Kh Denise Reardon

What is MOPS?
We, at All Saints, value the importance of family, and so we attempt to minister to the whole family. To the mothers with young children, we have a monthly meeting for Moms and their children during the fall, winter, and spring months. During the summer months, a weekly play day at a park or an outing is organized.

What is the purpose of MOPS?
The Group attempts to meet Moms' needs by focusing on the challenges of these critical and important years. The group also tries to make a difference for Moms; we want women to find caring friends, encouragement, and instruction with the group and the larger church.

What are the meetings like?
Our meetings are held for two hours; the first hour is a fellowship meeting with food and drinks for both Moms and children. The second hour is a teaching hour that allows for discussion and questions. The teachings include techniques for child rearing, book discussions, Liturgical Year, and questions of interest. The meeting is very casual to allow for Moms to nurse little ones, change diapers or whatever else needs to be done for the infant who stays with the Moms during the meeting. The older children are taken care of by two women who plan games, read stories, or sing songs with small groups of children. The meeting is held from 10 to 12 one day a month.

How do I get started in MOPS?
The Khouria approaches the new Mother in the parish, asking her to join the group while giving her information about the group and the meetings. Also the Khouria sends out helpful articles for the Moms during each month. These articles come from a subscription to GROWING CHILD, and also from the national organization named MOPS.

Soli Deo Gloria!