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Father Patrick's Daily Reflections


The Transfiguration

The web entries for Father Patrick's Daily Reflections are exclusively published to the Touchstone Magazine website each week.

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Father Patrick's Daily Reflections are brief commentaries on the lectionary readings contained in the St. James Daily Devotional Guide.

The reflections are penned by Patrick Henry Reardon, editor of The Daily Devotional Guide and a senior editor of Touchstone. Father Patrick provides here a very brief directional clue for one of the texts each day. Long-time readers of The Daily Devotional Guide will find these reflections an additional help to their reading of Holy Scripture which they can print and keep with their Guide.

The Readings in the Daily Devotional Guide are arranged with these goals in mind:

• That some section of the Gospels be read every day.
• That every part of the New Testament be read at least once every year.
• That the entire Old Testament be read over each two-year period.
• That certain readings of the Holy Scriptures occasionally be juxtaposed in order for them to throw light on one another.
• That a certain respect be shown to the ancient lectionary traditions of the churches, according to which certain parts of Holy Scripture are normally read during certain seasons.
• That special consideration be given to the Book of Psalms as a normal component of daily Christian prayer.